Swell Dwellings


I have always loved food, but only started to love cooking when I discovered healthy, plant based cooking. I am in love with nature from mountains and oceans to puppies and lions and carrots and beets. I think what I love so much about cooking with mostly produce is that it allows me to celebrate and connect with these little gifts of nature and it makes me feel like I am nourishing my body, while also eating more responsibly for the environment – the beautiful world we live in.

I am not a nutritionist, food scientist or a healthcare worker. Like so many, I have searched high and low for which diet makes a healthy and happy body and life. With so much, often contradictory, info out there about what we should eat, it is very confusing.

I think that it is hard to argue against the idea that most of us should consume more fruits and vegetables. This does not mean no meat ever, but for me, the real goal is to increase plant consumption. Much of this website is inspired by the 5-a Day campaign – and the challenges it represents. Most pressingly, what is 1 of the 5? What makes a serving? How in the world are we, with our demanding schedules, supposed to incorporate so much produce into our diets? If you are feeding just 1 or 2 people, what should you do with all of the produce that you don’t use, trash it?

Another guiding principle for me is diversity of produce consumed. As you so often hear, eat the rainbow.

The final reason for my plant-based focus is that it is better for the beautiful world we live in. Animals consume food and must be shipped around during and after their lives, thus the meat industry consumes more resources (food, water, fuel, antibiotics, etc.) than the produce industry. I also cringe at the thought of any cruelty towards animals and I would like to decrease my part in it – that’s not to say that all meat production is the result of cruelty, but much of it is.

Finally, this year, I had to face a health issue. After bringing my focus more to my health, I realized that our lives are dictated and built out of our dwellings. Whether that is our most basic dwelling, our bodies, or our world, or the spaces that we live in with our loved ones, so much of what we are is where we dwell.

My primary focus with this website is to document my learnings as I make my way towards a more plant based way of eating. It would be a great gift if my learnings might benefit someone else, as well. But, I would also like to take some time to appreciate the wonders of our gorgeous, expansive natural world and the wonders of the little worlds we build ourselves at home.

Wishing everyone swell dwellings.